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Garddwest’s Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds have been open-pollinated and hand-selected for over a decade using professional horticultural methods with a homegrown touch. All of this year’s seed was grown and saved in the Facer St neighbourhood of St. Catharines, Ontario.

Market C – Red Cocktail (25/pkt or wholesale)

Named for its label in my research journal, as one of many trial tomatoes I grew at Niagara College.  With parents including Stupice (TreeandTwig), Bloody Butcher (TreeandTwig), Fireworks (Reimer), Sub-Arctic Plenty (Baker Creek), it has been trialed and tweaked for 12+ generations, arriving at this foolproof, reliable, early ripening production tomato with superb flavour.  This is everything a tomato should be: 2″ – 3″ and dense with robust flavour, resistant to cracking, easy separation from calyx, can be picked green or red with strong skins and long shelf life under either condition.  The plants themselves are disease-resistant, hardy and tolerant of wet cold summers with fruits ripening very early.
~65 days / indeterminate

Market B – Mini Beefsteak (25/pkt or wholesale)
* limited quantity of 2019 seed

Named for its label in my research journal, as one of many trial tomatoes I grew at Niagara College. Starting from Microbeicum Occemus (also known as Santorini Paste Tomato) seeds donated by Michel Lachaume at a growers meeting, it has taken on a life of its own since 2010, crossing happily with many of my other market favourites (including Sudduth’s Brandywine) until I arrived at this foolproof, reliable, production tomato with superb flavour. Mini for a beefsteak, but really a medium slicer in beefsteak shape, with sweet, crinkled, marbled pinky red flesh. Vigorous producers with little cracking, long shelf life, easy separation from calyx, robust flavour and medium size seed cavities.
80 days / indeterminate

Yellow Pear, Bite Size  (25/pkt or wholesale)

These fun, lemon yellow, pear-shaped tomatoes grow in prolific clusters, dependably through hot summer weather and endlessly into cooler autumn nights.  With a sweet, mellow flavour they make a great fresh garden snack or were traditionally made into preserves. Highly productive plants can get tall and lanky, need staking and suckering.  Moderately resistant to disease.
80 days / indeterminate


25 seed packets – $4 each (3 for $10)

please contact garddwest@gmail.com to purchase

available upon request
for orders of 450+ seeeds

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