GOING GREEN – Play a Hiking (Walking) Game


optional: 2 board game dice


go on a backyard amble, neighbourhood walk or trail hike

Warm Up

as you walk, pay close attention to what is around you
is it breezy or windy? let that steer the direction you walk

as you walk, match your breathing to your steps
if you run quickly, does your breathing speed up?
if you walk slowly, can you slow your breath to match?

after that warm-up, you are ready to play the game!

The Hiking (Walking) Game

this game can be played by one, or many people
and the rules are very simple:

each player will pick a number or roll a dice
(if you are alone, pick or roll two numbers)

move the number of steps that you picked or rolled
if both numbers are the same, turn around before moving


use the squares of the sidewalk as a board game
and race friends to the end of the block

use dice with higher numbers i.e. 2-4-8-16-32-64
and the game will last longer, covering more ground

Download Activity as PDF

April 8 - GOING GREEN - The Walking Game - Garddwest EcoEducation