GOING GREEN – Lifecycle of a Butterfly

Hamilton Public Library has made TumbleBooks available through this link:


When you arrive at the HPL At-Home site, find and select:

TumbleBooks: Animated talking picture books for kids

Using the TumbleSearch feature, find the book A Butterfly Is Patient
by April Pulley Sayre, Illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne

First “read” the book by selecting “Play Video
See how much you have learned by selecting “Quizzes
For more learning opportunities select a “Lesson Plan

Find the “A Butterfly Is Patient” fill-in-the-blanks infographic on our website, Facebook or Instagram pages (see the image below).  Save the image to your computer and use a photo editing tool or app to fill out the image.  See if you are now able to fill out the blank sections with what you’ve learned today!  Submit it to us via social media #GarddwestEcoEducation or email (garddwest@gmail.com) and you could win a prize!

Lifecycle of a Butterfly Infographic GARDDWESTGOING GREEN - Garddwest EcoEducationTumbleBooks HowTo - Garddwest EcoEducation (1)


RESOURCE: Butterfly Lifecycle

This educational handout is a launching point for discussions about the lifecycle of a monarch butterfly.  The worksheet outlines the four basic stages of the butterfly’s lifecycle and leaves space for participants to write their notes and answers to discussion questions about each stage.

garddwest printable lifecycle of monarch single

garddwest printable lifecycle of monarch double* this double-column worksheet can be printed on 8.5×11 and cut in half when printing multiple copies of the handout